What should I pay attention to when using Fedar sublimation printer?

April 20, 2021

When Fedar sublimation printer is in best working environment, it will not only get twice result with half effort, but also effectively extend service life of Fedar sublimation printer. So what matters should be paid attention to during use of sublimation textile printer? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers have summarized some tips for your reference.

Sublimation Textile Printer

1. Before turning on Fedar sublimation printer in morning, check whether air humidity is too low. If room temperature is too low, please adjust temperature first, and then turn on sublimation textile printer after turning on power. If temperature is too low and air is relatively humid, after turning on sublimation printer, water vapor will easily corrode accessories, and even cause short circuits and damage key components.


2. Indoor temperature of Fedar sublimation printer should not be too low, and whether to turn on air-conditioning heating and other heating settings when necessary, and control room temperature at 15 ℃ -30 ℃.


3. Do not open windows for a long time in rainy weather to prevent moisture intrusion. If necessary, indoor dehumidification should be done for Fedar sublimation printer.


4. After finishing work of Fedar sublimation printer, make sure that carriage returns to its position and print head and cap are completely and tightly closed before turning off power. Then cover sublimation textile printer with a dust-proof cloth to prevent dust and moisture from intruding.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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