What should I do if the ink color is mixed of the printer?

April 29, 2020

Fedar printer is an inkjet printing device commonly used in textile inkjet printing. In the process of inkjet printing output, if it encounters the problem of ink color mixing, it affects the original color of the printed image and has a large color difference.
It means that when printing, different colors are mixed together, which affects the image screen and thus affects the print quality. So what to do if color mixing occurs when the inkjet textile printer is printing?
1. Failure of damper and scraper
If the scraper of the fedar textile inkjet printer is aging, it will be easy to occur color mixing. At this time, you need to clean and replace the scraper.
2.The failure of the printer damper
Damage to the damper and air leakage will cause the ink supply system to enter the air, generate negative pressure, and cause the ink to flow back, resulting in color mixing. It is recommended to replace the damper.
3. Failure of the ink supply system
The negative pressure of the ink supply system affects the inkjet printing of the fedar textile printer. You can check the related pipelines of the ink supply system, the check valve switch, etc., whether there is ink reflow and other phenomena.

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