What should I do if print head of Fedar sublimation printer is blocked?

April 30, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer is an extremely sophisticated equipment, including many accessories, of which print head is an extremely important part. Therefore, you must be cautious in daily maintenance process. If you are not careful, it is very likely that print head will be clogged. Today, Fedar sublimation printer brings some tips to user to solve print head clogging.

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1. Print head cleaning of Fedar sublimation printer is actually cleaning damper and filter inside. Damper and filter of Fedar sublimation printer are combined. Use a syringe to press pure water or wine into ink outlet of damper, or pour it from other end until no impurities or contaminants are drawn out.


2. Pour cleaning liquid into sublimation textile printer head cleaner, height should just soak print head, and don't let cleaning liquid touch circuit board of print head. Keep print head soaked in cleaning liquid for more than a few hours so that cleaning liquid can work. When soaking, use it with sublimation printer head cleaner to enhance cleaning effect.


3. Note that when cleaning print head of Fedar sublimation printer, be sure to cut off power supply of Fedar sublimation printer. Secondly, print head of Fedar sublimation printer is extremely precise, so be careful when cleaning, and brute force should not be used to damage print head of Fedar sublimation printer.

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