What preparations need to be done before installing a new fedar sublimation printer?

June 16, 2020

In order to better install and use the photo machine, users need to have the following preparations and precautions when installing the new printer for the first time:


Precautions and preparation work before installation:   
1. The fedar sublimation printer is a large printer. During the receipt process, the user must check the integrity of the machine's appearance and packaging to avoid the unnecessary bumps in the transportation process.  
2. After opening the package, check whether the related accessories of the sublimation printer are complete and whether they are listed on the accessories list.
3. Choose a good installation environment for the fedar sublimation printer.In addition, pay attention to the conditions for preparing the ground wire for the printer in advance.


Notes for installation of fedar sublimation printer:   
1.Place the relevant printer rack accessories, install them according to the relevant installation instructions. After the installation is complete, there will be no shaking etc. that affect the printing.
2.Connect and install related ink cartridges, damper, ink tubes and nozzles. In particular, the installation of the print head must be installed according to the instructions.
3.After the installation of the ink cartridge is completed, check whether the relevant ink supply system is connected properly, refill the ink cartridge, and be careful not to overfill when adding ink. Turn on the ink pump operation, introduce the ink into the print head, or manually perform the ink pumping operation. After completion, check the flash inkjet and test the related printing.
4. Connect the fedar sublimation printer to the computer according to the instructions and install the relevant software and drivers. If it is a network connection method, set the relevant IP address and online test on the computer according to the instructions.

Preparations for installing a new fedar sublimation printer