What is the knowledge of heat transfer printer ink?

July 16, 2020

Speaking of heat transfer printer ink, I believe everyone is familiar with it, so how much do you know about the precautions for the use of heat transfer printer ink? Today, Fedar heat transfer printer company will give you a detailed introduction to the knowledge of printing machine ink.

First, ink cannot be mixed

When using ink, be sure to pay attention that do not mix different types and different brands of ink. Such as water-based ink and sublimation ink, the two components are different, and they will produce a chemical reaction after mixing with each other, which will cause precipitation to block the nozzle; different brands of ink, because of the different proportions of each component of the ink, after mixing with each other, it is also easy to produce precipitation.


Second, the ink storage

Ink is a consumable that needs to be purchased continuously. Under normal circumstances, everyone will buy more spares. The weather conditions are very different throughout the year, so the ink storage is also different. In summer, when the temperature is high, store the ink in a ventilated room and avoid direct sunlight. Ink is a fluid liquid. It may freeze when the temperature is too low in winter, so be sure to pay attention to the indoor temperature during storage. Beware of freezing of the ink affecting normal use.

Finally, how to choose ink

At present, there are many brands of heat transfer printer inks on the market, and the quality is uneven. When picking ink, you must stop buying low-cost and low-quality inks. It is recommend that you give priority to the purchase of original ink from the heat transfer printer manufacturer. First, the quality is guaranteed, and second, the compatibility with the printing machine produced by the manufacturer is good.

Knowledge of Heat Transfer Printer Ink