What is a printer pressure roller?

May 22, 2020

As we all know, a high-performance and stable piezoelectric printing machine is inseparable from the close cooperation of the various components to achieve better stability. Today, Fedar piezoelectric printing machine manufacturer will share with you a small machine accessory, that is, the common pressure roller in the printer.


The pressure roller is generally located on the printing platform of the fedar piezoelectric printing machine. It uses special wear-resistant materials, which are hard inside and soft out, which can increase the friction with the paper to make the printing more uniform, stable and reliable, and at the same time avoids the indentation caused in the printing process, ensuring high printing accuracy and accurate paper feeding.


At the same time, the anti-static rubber wheel is usually used for the printer pressure roller. During the friction with the printing material, the static electricity is fully reduced to a minimum, avoiding the static electricity of the material affecting the printing effect, making the printing color more realistic, clear, and without burrs.


Therefore, in the design and application of fedar piezoelectric printing machine, the role of small pressure roller is also very important. Small components play a large role. High-performance and stable printer cannot be separated from these small accessories cooperate.

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