What is a printer motor drive?

May 19, 2020

provides the necessary power for the movement of the printhead and the media feed. So, do you know what is a motor drive? The following is the fedar printer manufacturers to introduce the importance of motor drive.


What is the printer motor drive? Motor drive can be simply understood as controlling the speed and operation of the motor.


During the operation of the fedar printer, the moving speed of the nozzle is not constant, but changes with the printing image, and these changes are achieved by the motor drive to control the motor, such as when the nozzle moves quickly to the left,the motor rotates at a constant speed in the forward direction. Once the image data needs the nozzle to go back, the motor drive controls the motor to rotate in the reverse direction.


The precise control of the motor is very important for the fedar printer. If the control is not accurate, the nozzle cannot reach the accurate coordinates of the inkjet. For example, this point needs to be sprayed on the left, and the inkjet ran to the right because it can’t be controlled. This leads to errors in printing or even failure to print.

What is a printer motor drive