What effect does the humid environment have on the printer?

April 26, 2020

The main purpose of the fedar bags printing machine is to print, but you know how to use it to extend the performance of it? In fact, it is to do daily maintenance work. Will the humid environment affect the basic functions of the printer?
If the fedar bags printing machine often work in some humid environment will it affect its printing effect? Humid air will affect the performance of the machine and consumables. The most obvious performance is that the picture is wet and the adhesion is reduced. At this time, we all need to dry for a period of time before normal operation. If the film is not dried, it will cause blurring or dehydration of our picture and affect the beauty, so we should guarantee the fedar bags printing machine is in a dry state.
Many people do not pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. When things are not in use, they are randomly stacked. In addition, the humidity in the rainy season is relatively large, so the ground and walls will contain a lot of moisture. Paper is needed when using the fedar printer. This kind of material is easy to absorb water. If you continue to use it, it will cause the ink to spread. If you want to avoid this situation, it is best to choose a suspended mode of storage, try not to contact the ground, so as not to cause moisture.
In the case of rainy weather, not only the drying problem of the output screen of the fedar bags printer, but also the storage of the printing materials. Avoid printing media affected by humid air.

Humid Environment Effect on Printer