What are the reasons for the short life of the printer cartridge?

July 15, 2020

The role of the ink cartridge is to hold ink, to ensure that the garment direct printer can work normally without ink shortage. If there is a problem with the ink cartridge, we still cannot print normally. So, how to protect the ink cartridge normally, and what are the misunderstandings about the operation of the ink cartridge, let's introduce them one by one below:


1.The garment direct printer is often idle, but the nozzle is not sealed

Some users buy a garment direct printer but do not use it often. The machine has been idle for a long time. In this case, if the nozzle of the ink cartridge is not sealed, it will be easy to dry the ink on the nozzle and cause blockage. Users can buy cartridge sealers on the market to seal the nozzles.


2.Place the ink cartridge in a dusty place

Some users do not pay attention to the placement of the ink cartridges, so they put the ink cartridges in a dusty place. The dust is likely to be mixed into the ink during the installation of the ink cartridges in the garment direct printer, which will affect the quality of printing and the life of the ink cartridges. Places with too much dust can easily affect the life of the ink cartridge.


3.Drop the ink cartridge

No matter when the ink cartridge is sealed or after opening, the ink cartridge should not be dropped. Dropping the ink cartridge can easily damage the internal parts of the ink cartridge, and may cause the ink cartridge to leak ink. This is a fatal injury to the ink cartridge, so users are advised to take it lightly while handling the ink cartridge. Be careful not to drop the ink cartridge when handling it.


4.Opened the cartridge protection clip

The ink cartridge protection clip can better protect the ink cartridge. The user should pay special attention to the opening of the ink cartridge protection clip during the use of the garment direct printer or when replacing the ink cartridge. This will cause the ink cartridge to no longer be used.


5.Too many times to clean the printer

Some users think that the more frequently the print head is cleaned, the better it is for the ink cartridge, but this idea is wrong. In fact, the cleaning of the print head is that the gear in the water pump rotates to squeeze the air, and the ink in the ink cartridge is pumped down. Therefore, a certain amount of ink is used for each cleaning. Therefore, unnecessary cleaning will cause a waste of ink, and for the ink cartridge, it will shorten its service life.

 Life of The Printer Ink Cartridge