What are the preparations before starting the digital printing machine?

June 25, 2021

As the saying goes, soldiers and horses do not move food and grass. Before doing something, preparatory work is indispensable. The same is true before the digital printing machine is turned on. Let's take a look at the Fedar textile printer before turning it on. What to prepare for it!

Digital Printing Machine

1.Check whether the power supply is well connected, and at the same time pay attention to the voltage not to be too high, otherwise the equipment will run under high load for a long time, and the problem of nozzle burning will easily occur.


2.Pay attention to the indoor temperature and humidity. The best indoor temperature for the digital printing machine to work normally is 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. In winter and summer, users should pay special attention. It is recommended to install air conditioners indoors to adjust indoor temperature and humidity.


3.Check the ink level in the ink cartridge, and the ink level cannot be too high or too low. When the ink level is too high, the pressure is high, which will cause the printing machine to throw ink when printing; when the ink level is too low, the ink supply is insufficient, which will cause the printing to break.

Digital Printing Machine

4.Check the status of the guide rails to ensure that the carriage can operate normally; if the guide rails are not in good condition, clean them and add lubricating oil in time.


5. After the digital printing machine is turned on, you must print a test strip first, and then perform normal printing after checking that there is no print head in good printing condition.

The above are the preparations to be done before the digital printing machine is turned on. Do you all understand?


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Digital Printing Machine