What are the disadvantages of poor quality ink?

April 02, 2020

Ink, an indispensable printing consumable, has a high repeat purchase rate, which can directly affect the printout effect of the printer. If you inadvertently use poor-quality ink, not only will the printing result be poor, but it is also very likely to damage the printhead.
1.The raw materials of inferior ink are inferior, the production environment is harsh, and the operation process is not standard.And the final finished product is also crude.
2. The color reducibility of inferior ink is poor. It is easy to see the chromatism of the output image when printing, and the color difference between the final output image and the original image is large, resulting in waste of consumables and affecting printing efficiency.
3. Poor fluidity of inferior ink. Poor quality ink is easy to precipitate, and when the precipitate circulates in the ink tube, it is easy to block the printhead, causing the print output to cut off ink. If the spray hole is frequently blocked, the printhead will be directly damaged in the long run, resulting in the printhead being scrapped.
4.Poor quality ink affects the drying speed of the picture. Poor quality ink has poor adhesion and cannot be well adhered to the printing medium, resulting in slow drying speed of the picture, inability to roll up in time, and the problems of picture vignetting. These are the harms of inferior ink to the printer.

Poor Quality Ink Disadvantages