What are the common damage factors to the printhead?

April 07, 2020

For the printhead of the large format printer, improper operation is easy to damage. Here are some common factors that damage the printhead of the printer machine for your reference.

1. Static interference
A too dry working environment will directly generate a lot of static electricity, which directly damages the printhead circuit, or when using printing materials, especially when using PP and adhesive media, it will also generate a lot of static electricity, which will damage the printhead or cause the accumulation of impurities to cause nozzle clogging .
2.There is air in the pipeline
Frequently, the contact point between the pipe and the printhead is loose or the printhead and the capping station are not in the same position to leak, causing nozzle missing;
3. Failure to pay attention to operation and maintenance
For the Epson series printheads, the direct cause of the damage is physical damage, that is, due to the warpage of paper or other media, the metal orifice at the bottom of the printhead is scratched during the printing process, causing the printhead orifice to be damaged and unable to eject normally. Clean the print head before use to prevent the ink head from clogging due to too much ink accumulation.
4. Ink quality
The ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to factors such as inaccurate filtration, high viscosity, and moisturizing fluid,cause the print head damaged. It is recommended that customers use original inks, because the nozzles used by different machines are different, and the requirements for inks are also different.

Common Damage Factors to the Printhead