What are the causes of printhead damage?

June 22, 2020

The printhead is the most important part of the fedar textile printing machine. If there is a problem with the printhead, it will cause great trouble to the use. What are the reasons for the damage to the printhead?

1. Ink quality
The ink used by the textile printing machine contains a lot of chemical components, and the pigment particles contained in the poor quality ink may be very rough, or the ink is relatively viscous. This situation can easily lead to a blockage at work!

2. Static interference
When the printing machine is used in a relatively dry season, a large amount of static electricity may be generated, which may cause the circuit to malfunction, and the instantaneous voltage of the static electricity may reach a high value, causing damage to the printhead of the printer. In addition, the surface of some materials is also very easy to generate a lot of static electricity, such as PP material! Another reason is that static electricity adheres to the printhead, and it is also easy to attract dust, causing the nozzle to block!

3. Air in the pipeline
The printing machine needs to be filled with ink. It was originally a very simple job, but it will inevitably cause air to enter the inside of the printer when the ink is filled. When the printing machine is working, air enters the printhead, which may form a short circuit, causing the internal line of the printhead to burn out, and eventually the nozzle fails.

causes of printhead damage