What are the advantages of direct textile printer?

June 29, 2020

Digital printing machine has become the mainstream production method in the Western printing industry. More than 90% of companies in the European printing industry have used digital printing machines, so what are the advantages of direct textile printer? Enterprises generally believe that digital printing machine proofing response speed, low proofing cost, good consistency of results, is an indispensable tool in the printing industry.


1. The reaction speed of direct textile printer is fast
The digital printing machine is capable of fast proofing, which improves the response speed of enterprises to orders, which makes the competition of printing enterprises intensify, the processing price drops, and the profit margin decreases.


2. Direct textile printing process reduces costs
Using a digital direct textile printer for proofing can replace part of the work that had to be proofed on a rotary screen printing machine or a flat screen printing machine without taking up machine time.


3. The direct printing machine has good proofing effect and high customer acceptance rate
Use the software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect, so that the traditional printing machine can fully achieve the proofing effect in production.


4. Wide application range of direct textile printer
The inks that can be used for proofing include reactive inks, acidic inks, and dispersion inks. In the customer's sample, if it is a paper draft or an electronic draft, you can directly use the digital printing machine to proof after the color separation process. The traditional printing machine can complete mass production according to the proofing effect.

Advantages of Direct Textile Printer