Ways to extend life of Fedar sublimation printer

January 18, 2021

Some users do not know how to use Fedar sublimation printer to work correctly , and some people simply cut off power supply. This method is precisely one that most damages life of Fedar sublimation printer. Today,Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer will show you how to use Fedar sublimation printer correctly:

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Fedar sublimation printer is a relatively expensive precision machine. To make it print beautiful large-format color images better, it must work in best condition. Important condition to ensure that it is in best printing condition for a long time is to operate according to chapter and know how to maintain it.


Even though use of Fedar sublimation printer is not complicated, users still need to develop habit of completing entire operation in strict accordance with instructions, especially to develop correct habit of turning on and off Fedar sublimation printer. For users, turning on and off is simplest operation, but it is also most important maintenance measure.


Whenever Fedar sublimation printer is turned on or off, printer must perform system initialization, including positioning and resetting of print head and printing paper, detecting whether printer panel is closed, filling ink tanks and print heads, and automatically cleaning nozzles. When shutting down, printer's system will automatically reset print head and printing paper through initialization process. This will not only ensure normal operation of printer, reduce failure rate, extend life of printer, but also reduce cost of printing supplies and equipment maintenance costs. ,improve work efficiency.


If user forcibly pulls out power plug and shuts down Fedar sublimation printer when it is powered on, print head cannot be reset and top cover cannot be covered, which will easily cause print head positioning failure. What users need to pay attention to here is that Fedar sublimation printer has a large frame, light weight, and rollers. It has strong mobility. When plugging in power cord, it must be placed in a location that is not easily accessible to avoid accidentally causing power supply to drop and abnormal shutdown.

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