Vertical lines appear when fedar sublimation printer work

September 23, 2020

In daily use of fedar sublimation printer, you may encounter some failures. For example,image quality of fedar sublimation printer is not good. Among them, vertical vertical line in printing screen of fedar sublimation printer is a relatively common problem.

 Vertical Lines of Fedar Sublimation Printer
Regarding vertical lines appearing in printing screen of fedar sublimation printer,problem is mostly on encoder strip. You can check encoder strip carefully to check whether it is dirty, ink drops sticking to it or scratched, etc., and clean it up and replacement, in addition to following points, you can refer to when you encounter problems.


1. Check height of encoder sensor from encoder strip of fedar sublimation printer. The upper edge of encoder strip is preferably 1mm-1.5mm from sensor.

2. Wipe inside and outside of encoder strip of fedar sublimation pritner where vertical thin lines appear. Use medical cotton dampened with pure water to wipe.
Fedar Sublimation Printer Encoder Strip
3. If above two situations are invalid, please re-plug fedar sublimation printer head data cable, trolley board and main board cable.

4. If above three situations are invalid, please replace main board or trolley board of fedar sublimation printer.

Fedar Sublimation Printer