Tips for printing pictures from Fedar textile printer

March 05, 2020

In order to make better use of the Fedar textile printer and produce better advertising printing pictures, the knowledge of the printing pictures of the Fedar textile printer is essential. Let’s talk about it.

Let ‘s first understand the two aspects of advertising inkjet printing and indoor printing. Inkjet printing is generally applicable to outdoor, generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising images, for example, the billboards outside the mall wall, the publicity billboards on the square, and the high billboards next to the highway are also our more common outdoor advertisements.This type of advertisement usually has a large output screen and the the image resolution is generally about 30 to 45 DPI. The printing media used are generally light box cloth, etc., the ink is oil-based ink, and it needs to be waterproof and UV-resistant outdoors.Indoor printing are generally used indoors, that is, indoor advertising. Its output is relatively small compared to outdoor advertising, and the area is generally only a few square meters. For example: indoor signage, posters, display boards, kitchen window background pictures, etc. The printing media includes PP paper, light film, indoor adhesive, etc. The ink is usually water-based ink. The output model is generally a wide-format printer machine about 1.5 meters to 1.6 meters,in addition, indoor advertising posters often need to be covered with film or mounted after the image is output.
The following are some requirements and considerations when outputting picture:
1.Image mode: CMYK mode is required for inkjet printing, because the inkjet printer uses four-color inkjet, be careful not to use RGB mode. The printing machine can use RGB or CMYK.
2.Image color: It is strictly forbidden to have a single black value in the inkjet and photo images, and C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be made: C = 50 M = 50 Y = 50 K = 100. Especially when using the effects in PHOTOSHOP, pay attention to changing the black part to four-color black, otherwise there will be horizontal lines in the black part on the screen, affecting the overall effect.
3.Image resolution: In terms of inkjet printing, the image resolution may not be too high. Because the inkjet printing is mostly outdoor, the images are viewed from a distance. Due to the large area, if the resolution is several hundred or more, the image file will be particularly large, the computer running and output will be particularly slow, and even crashes, etc., so the resolution can be controlled around 30-45. For indoor photo, generally, 72DPI is required. If the file is not large, the resolution can be adjusted appropriately.
4. Image saving format: It is best to save the inkjet and printing images in TIF format, but note that the compressed format is not available.


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