Tips for operating the inkjet paper printing machine

March 18, 2020

During the printing process of the inkjet paper printing machine, because the side of the paper is raised, then scrap the printhead. Scratching the printhead for a long time will damage it. Small faults can easily cause big problems. The following will teaches you some tips.
1.If the inkjet paper printing machine has a sheet of paper, you can use it to prevent the paper from lifting. If the printing machine does not have a sheet of paper, you can use scissors to cut a 2 cm long and 1 cm wide business card paper, then attach double-sided tape to one side of the business card paper, and then attach it to the machine platform to press paper.
2. the printer stops printing midway.  
During the printing process, there is a phenomenon of stopping or misplacing of images. This fault is often caused by electrostatic interference.Therefore, when we encounter this problem, we can use a wire to contact the inkjet paper printing machine and computer with the ground as a ground wire to prevent electrostatic interference. 
3.the edge of the picture printed by the digital printer is wavy and not straight. This fault is usually a encoder strip positioning problem. It may be that the encoder strip is dirty,we can use a cotton swab dipped with a little alcohol to wipe the encoder strip and clean it.In general,this can usually solve the problem, if not, the encoder strip needs to be replaced. 
4. the color of the picture printed by the printer is grey or black and white and doesn’t printer the color.This fault is due to the color mode of the print being set to "grey", we just need change the color mode to "Color".  The specific modification method is set-print mode-color mode-color.

Digital Printer Encoder Strip