Tips for maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer in rainy season

May 05, 2021

In rainy weather, air humidity is relatively high. There are many things that users of  Fedar sublimation printer need to pay attention to.  Fedar sublimation printer  will give you a brief introduction to the maintenance tips during the rainy season.

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Summer is the season of alternating high temperatures and thunderstorms. In such a season with rapid weather changes, users must do their usual maintenance work. Take today as an example. The rain came too suddenly and too violently. For people who don't pay attention to maintaining sublimation textile printer, the sublimation textile printer may be on the upswing. Be careful to close doors and windows when you are off work to make this a habit, not just when it is raining. Try not to place the Fedar sublimation printer close to the window, and prevent all phenomena that can damage the Fedar sublimation printer.

In summer, the temperature is relatively high, and it will be more sultry if it rains. The temperature and humidity of the working environment of the sublimation textile printer have strict requirements. Therefore, at this time, you must open the windows for ventilation, reduce the indoor temperature, eliminate the residual ink odor in the air, and give the sublimation textile printer a comfortable working environment. If it is too hot, you can use large fans or related air-conditioning sublimation textile printer to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling, so that the sublimation textile printer can be kept in the best working condition. But don't point the fan or air conditioner at the sublimation textile printer. If the wind is too strong, it will also affect Fedar sublimation printer related output.

If you have done what I said, I believe your Fedar sublimation printer can steadily spend this hot summer. If you have anything else you want to know, you can log on to our official

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