Tips for Fedar sublimation printer head maintenance

November 12, 2020

Main reason for damage of Fedar sublimation printer head is related to whether daily maintenance is in place. If Fedar sublimation printer head has a long service life and has been in the best working condition,daily maintenance work must be done.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Head Maintenance

1. Shut down Fedar sublimation printer in accordance with prescribed procedures: first turn off control software, and then turn off main power switch to ensure that carriage returns to its normal position, to ensure that Fedar sublimation printer head and capping station are completely closed to avoid clogging nozzles.


2.When replacing cap, it is recommended to use original cap, otherwise cap may deform and cause print head clogging, ink breakage, incomplete ink extraction, and unclean ink extraction.


3. It is recommended that you use original ink, and it is strictly forbidden to mix two different brands of ink, so as to avoid chemical reaction, block Fedar sublimation printer head and affect picture quality.


4.Do not plug or unplug the USB printer cable when powered to avoid damage to motherboard of Fedar sublimation printer head.


5. Fedar sublimation printer must be connected to ground wire to avoid static electricity.


6. Because Fedar sublimation printer is a precision printing machine, it is recommended to equip a branded voltage stabilizer with a power of about 2000W.


7. Keep temperature between 15℃-30℃ and 35%-65% humidity. Keep working environment clean and avoid dust.


8. Scraper: Clean capping station wiper regularly to prevent ink solidification from causing damage to Fedar sublimation printer head.


9. Working platform: Keep table surface free of dust, ink and debris to prevent scratches on the nozzle.


10.Cartridge: close lid immediately after filling ink to prevent dust from entering.

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