Three important indicators that determine the print quality

June 12, 2020

In the color accuracy of inkjet printing machine, the three core factors of inkjet print output quality are: high-quality printer hardware, high-quality original ink, RIP printing program (including driver, ICC profile, etc.) Only the unification of the three can achieve good results.


In addition to high-precision printing technical support, high-quality ink is also required for the printing output. The choice of ink, the color gamut correction of the printing machine, and the adjustment of the color scheme of the ink curve make the printed pictures achieve better color reproduction.


Usually the ink CMYK color we mentioned is the standard 4-color in the printing, so for a high-quality ink, each color should be close to the theoretically printed color. Today's print output software (RIP) functions are more powerful, and basically have powerful color adjustment functions. With the inkjet printing machine with excellent performance and the output software (RIP), the color adjustment can be obtained through the software. Excellent image output quality, to achieve better accuracy of printing colors.


In the application operation of the wide format printer, if you use high-quality ink + high-performance printing machine + excellent software combination, you can certainly achieve more satisfactory color effects for your inkjet painting. It is recommended that the user choose the original ink provided by the manufacturer or the recommended high-quality ink.

Three indicators that determine the print quality,