Three-stage heating system for Fedar sublimation printer

May 08, 2021

There are so many types of sublimation textile printers on market now, and choice is dazzling. If you want to choose a sublimation textile printer that really suits you, you must have a deep understanding of function and use of sublimation textile printer. Today, we will take a look at a very important function of Fedar sublimation printer: front, middle and back three-stage heating system.


front, middle and back three-stage heating is an extremely important link in printing process of Fedar sublimation printer. This link can accurately control temperature, so that ink and printing media can be fully combined, so as to highly restore color of printing media and ensure quality of output picture.

Sublimation Textile Printer

1. Back heating
Back-heating of Fedar sublimation printer refers to preheating printing media before material enters printing area and heating it to an appropriate temperature to enhance absorption of printing media to ink and avoid ink flying, wire drawing, blooming, etc. In addition, post-heating can also remove "moisture" in printed material, reducing impact on output image due to material being damp.


2. Middle heating
Middle heating of Fedar sublimation printer is continuous heating during printing process to dry ink adsorbed on middle, avoid ink penetration, and ensure that paper absorbs ink evenly, so that ink and middle are better integrated. At same time, it can also reduce viscosity of ink, making ink jet more smooth.


3.Front heating
Main function of front heating of Fedar sublimation printer is to speed up ink drying and achieve stable winding. Especially for images with heavy colors and thicker ink jets, front heating function is even more important.

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