The role of rapid drying to improve the efficiency of the printer

June 10, 2020

In today's rapid development, high efficiency is high efficiency, and it is no exception in the printing industry. If you want to achieve high efficiency production of printing machine, it is very important to quickly dry the printed pictures, so as to improve work efficiency.

There are three major factors to achieve the fast printing output and the fast drying of the image screen.


A.The printing machine will not dry immediately when it prints. It will be dried after a period of drying, which is known to users in the advertising industry. The reason why the printing machine prints pictures for a long time is very related to the quality of the ink. The quality of the ink is the most direct reason for the speed of the pictures. Good quality ink can accelerate drying time. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality and smooth ink, so users must choose high-quality ink provided by the original printer manufacturer, so that the printing machine can be more guaranteed.


B.Selection factors of the heating system of the printer. The heating system helps to accelerate the drying time of the picture, so when buying the printing machine, as much as possible to equip with related drying equipment.


C.Climate and environmental factors such as humidity and temperature in the working space of the printer. For example, in the rainy and humid summer, low temperature and cold climate in autumn and winter,it has different effects on the drying speed.


Regarding the three major factors for the rapid drying of the output image, if the user provides the best conditions for the printing operation as much as possible, this can easily and quickly achieve the efficiency.

improve the drying speed of the printer