The reasons for the nozzle missing of Fedar transfer paper printer

March 11, 2020

It will occurs nozzle missing circumstance in the process of using the Fedar transfer paper printer,but many people do not know what causes it.There are some reasons and solve methods.
1.Factors to be considered when occurs nozzle missing circumstance include temperature, humidity, printing speed, voltage, negative pressure, pipeline, ink nozzle condition, etc.
Slight nozzle missing occurs, and it is more and more at 50CM-100CM. After cleaning the nozzle, it is normal but appears repeatedly. At this time, it is mainly caused by temperature, humidity, voltage, negative pressure, ink consistency, and slight broken of the nozzle.Severe nozzle missing occurs, more serious within 30CM. It is mainly caused by too much voltage deviation, severe broken of the nozzles, blocked or leaking pipes, and ink quality problems.
2. Handling method: 1. Adjust the voltage to about 32-34, adjust the height of the auxiliary ink tank, temperature 16-27, humidity 30-50, check the pipeline and reduce the printing appropriately speed, clean the nozzle and check whether there is air hole in the nozzle pipe and auxiliary ink tank. If the above method is not used, it is basically caused by ink quality and nozzle aging.

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