The reason for the black line in the JPG picture printed by the printer

May 28, 2020

The black line occurs when the piezoelectric printing machine prints JPG pictures. According to the analysis of the technical personnel of Fedar printer manufacturer, it is mainly divided into hardware and software problems. problems

①Check whether there is a black line in the design of the JPG picture, because the small picture is not obvious, the large picture is large, and it is relatively obvious, so this problem will occur; you can print the picture, enlarge it, and check the position of the relative black line, see if the black line is added by mistake when designing the picture. If it exists, please delete and save the JPG picture output and reprint it;


②The computer operating system is infected with malicious programs, which causes the printer software such as "Maintop" to run abnormally, and errors and deviations may occur when printing images. The solution is to reinstall the printing software after reinstalling the system;


③The printer uses related pirated cracked software, etc. For example, the trial version or cracked version of Maintop software may have problems, please replace the genuine authorized Maintop software to print;


2. hardware problems

①The problem of data transmission between the computer and the printer, check whether the transmission data cable socket connection is intact, and whether there is bad contact. Are there any problems such as poor contact between the data cables between the relevant circuit board cards, such as the data connection between the car board and the main board. In addition, you can also turn off the printer, disassemble the main body, pull out the carriage board, wipe it with a rubber wiper, and then insert it back to the original position;


②Printhead Inkjet problem. Users can use the replacement nozzle test, or print the nozzle after cleaning;


③The problem of static electricity and unstable environment voltage of the printer. For example, weather, temperature, humidity, etc. will have an impact on the printer In a dry environment, the printing is prone to static electricity, and the static electricity will affect the printing; It is recommended that the user configure the power regulator for the printer to provide a guarantee for the normal printing.

The reason for the black line in the printhed JPG picture