The past and present of digital printing

May 25, 2021

The weather is getting warmer, and we see a variety of costumes on the street, whether it is a flowing dress or a simple T-shirt, the various interesting patterns on it are breathtaking. These clothes with exquisite and realistic printing are collectively referred to as "printed clothes". In fact, behind every printed garment, there is a magician whose name is "digital printing machine".

Digital Printing Machine

The past life of digital printing

The definition of digital printing, as the name suggests, is the printing formed by digital technology. It is a high-tech that gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology in the 1990s.

Perhaps everyone does not know that the "previous life" of digital printing is inkjet printing technology. However, digital printing is to input the pattern into the computer in digital form, and then edit and process it through the computer printing color separation drawing system, and then the computer controls the micro-piezo inkjet nozzle to spray the special dye solution directly onto the textiles to form the final product. Need pattern.


The life of digital printing

With the rapid advancement of science and technology, digital printing has also emerged two major "factions".


1. Digital direct printing
It is very simple to understand, which is to use a digital printer to directly print the required patterns on various materials.


2. Digital heat transfer printing
This method requires pre-printed printing patterns on special paper, and then transfers to various materials by means of thermal transfer, such as T-shirts, underwear, casual shirts, sportswear and other clothing.


Nowadays, digital thermal transfer printing has become the mainstream production method at home and abroad. Compared with other printing technologies, the advantages of digital printing are obvious, and it is more in line with people's pursuit of beauty in the current era.


1. Its colors are more saturated, and the images are delicate and flawless, just like a masterpiece of art.


2.Any pattern can be diversified, flexible and changeable, and express the creator's whimsical ideas to the fullest. Only in this way can you capture your inner love more and more.


3. Digital printing on clothing, pollution-free, low energy consumption, beauty and environmental protection, why not do it.

Search for "printed clothing" on Taobao, and there will be a variety of products, including clothes for puppies.


I have to say that digital printing technology really adds a lot of color to our lives!

So, who is the magician who made this technology a reality? It is the "digital printing machine", let's take a look at the digital printing process:

Digital Heat Transfer Printing
How about it? Isn’t it amazing? As the post-90s and post-00s gradually become the main force of consumers, the field of digital printing will become more and more extensive. It can be seen that the development prospects of digital printing machines are very broad.


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Digital Heat Transfer Printing