The motor is so important to the Fedar Transfer Paper Printer machine

December 13, 2019

The motor is the core component of the power supply for the Direct Textile Printer. Like the operation of the photo paper feeding system, the back and forth movement of the small frame is controlled by the motor.

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  The stepping motor and the servo motor need to cooperate with each other in the printing process of the century wind photo machine. The stepping motor controls the operation of the paper feeding system, and the servo motor controls the left and right movement of the small frame.


The stepping motor transmits the power generated during operation to the paper feed shaft by stepping the large wheel, and drives the rotation of the paper feed shaft. During the rotation of the paper feed shaft, the upper paper roller is rubbed against each other to complete the transmission of the printing medium.

Transfer Paper Printer motor


          The servo motor drives the synchronous tower wheel through the belt, and the other end of the long belt on the synchronous tower wheel is connected to the small frame, and the kinetic energy transmission of the servo motor realizes the left and right movement of the small frame.


The Century Wind R&D team combines its own scientific research theory to maximize the advantages of the Raytheon brushless motor in the Century Wind Photo Machine. It enhances the gold content of equipment technology in all aspects and maintains its brand advantage in the market competition.


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