The method of cleaning Fedar printing machine printhead

March 04, 2020

Printing machines are very common and are widely used in the office advertising industry. Maintenance of printing machine is also very important during daily use. Printing machines printhead are also one of the important parts of printer. Here are some cleaning methods of photo machine printhead.
Cleaning method of printhead:
1.The Fedar printing machine has an automatic cleaning function of the printhead: it can be automatically cleaned by the Fedar printing machine maintenance function.
2.Ink cleaning: When the ink car is in the initial position, use a syringe with a hose connected to the waste ink tube to forcely extract about 5 ml of ink. (Be careful not to allow the inner cylinder of the syringe to rebound during the ink extraction process, which will cause color mixing in each printhead)If the printhead protector is not tightly sealed during the ink extraction process, you can gently move the ink cart by hand to ensure a good seal of the printhead and the printhead protector. After pumping ink, perform software cleaning.
3. Injection and cleaning: Remove the ink car, unplug the damper, and connect the syringe with the cleaning liquid to the ink column of the printhead by the hose. Push and draw back with appropriate pressure until the complete vertical line of the printhead is ejected.
4. Printing and cleaning: Use "printhead cleaner" to replace the ink with clogged printhead, and use vector graphics software to print the color blocks of this color until the clogging of the printhead is cleared, and then change back to the original ink.

Printhead cleaning