The maintenance method of the inkjet t shirt printer not used for a short time

July 20, 2020

The maintenance of the inkjet t shirt printer is very important, no matter it is in use, suspended or long-term storage. If the printer is not used for more than two days, it must be maintained. Especially the printhead, ink and ink path. Below we will analyze in detail how to maintain the printer.


If the printer is expected to be out of use for more than 48 hours, be sure to clean the ink in the inkjet printer head, otherwise the ink in the printhead will dry up due to the gradual volatilization of the solvent, and it will even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The treatment method is as follows:   


1. Turn off the power of the inkjet t shirt printer.


2.Put the treated printhead into a clean corrosion-resistant container and seal it (use a plastic wrap is good) and store it for about 1 month.


3. Use a glass syringe to draw out or pour out the ink in the auxiliary ink tank directly, and then clean the auxiliary ink tank with a special cleaning fluid.


4. Unplug the ink supply tube (from the auxiliary ink tank) on the printhead, and then use a glass syringe to draw 40ml of special cleaning fluid to clean the printhead, and do it twice. Finally, do not blow off the remaining cleaning fluid in the nozzle. Be sure to leave enough cleaning fluid inside the nozzle, because the cleaning fluid can moisturize the nozzle.


5. Move the inkjet printer head to the leftmost cleaning position, and place a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle to contain the cleaning waste.

Maintenance Method of The Inkjet T Shirt Printer Not Used For A Short Time