The importance of daily inspection of printer ink tube

April 03, 2020

The ink tube of the printer is the bridge between the printhead and the cartridge, and the commonly DX5 printhead has eight ink tubes connected.If you don't pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of these small ink tubes, you may have a lot of troubles in printing, such as a series of problems such as nozzle missing, insufficient ink supply, ink leakage, blocking of ink channels, etc. What conditions should ink tubes have or how should they be inspected and maintained?
First of all, the ink tube should have good corrosion resistance and toughness.  Because the ink of the Fedar bag digital printer is slightly corrosive, so as to prevent the ink tube from leaking due to corrosion in the ink delivery process. Furthermore, the ink tube of the bag printer needs to run back and forth in the ink chain. If there is no good toughness, the ink tube will be damaged and lead to ink leakage. Similarly, the ink chain is also an added protection measure to prevent the ink tube from being damaged.
In addition, in the daily inspection of the Fedar digital printer, it is necessary to check whether the ink tube of the printer is damaged or bent, pay attention to the integrity and smoothness of the ink tube, and avoid the problems of printhead blockage, ink breakage of drawing caused by ink leakage or blockage.
Therefore, the users of the printer must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the accessories of the bag digital printer during the daily operation of the printer, so as to save some unnecessary losses.

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