The function and maintenance of the damper of piezoelectric printer

May 07, 2020

The damper is an indispensable accessory of the fedar piezoelectric printer. The damper is definitely used in the printing of the printer, so the damper is a relatively easy-to-wear accessory. Although it is a relatively cheap accessory in fedar piezoelectric printer, it is usually easier to ignore, but it can play a big role. The state of the damper will directly affect the quality of the output image . So, what is the function of the damper?
The damper of the fedar piezoelectric printer is used to filter the ink, to avoid the clogging of the nozzle caused by the impurities generated by the ink, and to ensure that the nozzle inputs more pure ink, so that the nozzle can print better.So that the printout image of the piezoelectric printer is clearer and higher degree of reduction.
We need to replace the damper of the fedar piezoelectric printer regularly, otherwise the loss of the damper will reduce the effect, which may cause the nozzle to block. Because if there are too many impurities in the damper, or if there is no ink, it will cause the nozzle to block.
Because the price of the damper is cheaper, frequent replacement will not cost too much. Regular replacement of the damper can maintain the fedar piezoelectric photo machine better.

Function of the Damper