The causes of ghosting in digital printing machines

February 28, 2020

First of all, we must understand the causes of ghosting in FEDAR digital printing machines, which are generally caused by gratings, small frames, and parameter calibration. Then we have a step-by-step investigation of these several reasons, and we can quickly solve the problem of double ghosting in FEDAR FD6196E digital printing machines.
Raster problem
The raster plays the role of positioning. A raster decoder is installed on the small frame, which can help the digital printing machine to accurately locate the drawing position and realize the high restoration of the picture. Once the grating is dirty or damaged, it will cause inaccurate readings of the decoder, deviations in printing, and ghosting or misalignment. At this time, the grating needs to be cleaned or replaced with a new one. Grating cleaning is to wipe the grating in the same direction with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
Small frame problem
A raster decoder is installed on the small frame. Once the small frame does not run smoothly, the small frame will freeze, and the nozzles will randomly eject ink, which will also cause the ghosting problem of the digital printing machine. The carriage does not run smoothly, mostly because the guide rails are too dirty or there is abrasion of foreign material on the trolley pads and sliders. At this time, it is necessary to clean the guide rails or replace worn related parts.
Parameter calibration issues
The inaccurate parameter calibration of FEDAR 6head sublimation printer digital printing machine will also cause ghosting problems in digital printing. Inaccurate vertical alignment will cause vertical ghosting; horizontal inaccuracy will cause horizontal ghosting. At this time, you need to open the print settings in the software, and then find the two-way calibration, and then adjust and test the parameters. If the user does not calibrate the parameters, consult the local agent for help.

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