The cause and treatment of printer nozzle clogged

July 06, 2020

Reasons for nozzle clogged of printing machine:


1. The print interval is too long, causing the print head to dry up (it is recommended to start printing a full-color document every week).

2. The seal is not torn, air will not enter / tear the seal and reinstall the ink cartridge.

3. After cleaning the print head many times for a long time to test that the position of the broken wire is consistent / use the syringe to clean the nozzle / use the cleaning ink cartridge to clean the nozzle.

4.The print head is worn or aging-the print head needs to be replaced.


Cleaning method of printer printhead:

1.Mild plugging: Right-click the printer directly and select "Printing Preferences”-Clean the printhead 3-5 times.

2.Severe plug: use a 5ML medical syringe to pump the cleaning liquid directly into the nozzle to soak.

3.Severe plugging: remove the printhead and soak the printhead with the appropriate amount of cleaning solution in the business card box for 2-3 hours, and then use paper towels to absorb the cleaning solution on the nozzle.


Note: Do not wet the circuit after cleaning the print head. After installing, do not power on immediately. Wait for 30 minutes to dry naturally before powering on again.


Reasons for nozzle clogged of printing machine: