Summer is here!Make early preparations for high temperature maintenance of the textile printer machine

June 18, 2021

In the hot summer days, not only people are so hot that they hide in the air-conditioned rooms and do not want to go out, but the Fedar textile printer machine also needs a cool environment. As we all know, the dress printer is a relatively sophisticated equipment, which has certain requirements for the operating environment, especially temperature and humidity.

Fedar Textile Printer Machine

If there is no good cooling and dehumidification in summer, what impact will it have on the Fedar textile printer machine?


1.The Fedar textile printer machine will continue to emit heat during the working process. If there is no timely ventilation and heat dissipation, the heat accumulation to a certain extent will easily cause the related control board of the Fedar textile printer machine to malfunction. The data chip on the motherboard will affect the data transmission and printing speed. Slow down, and even other serious damage to chips, electronic components, and circuits.


2.In a high temperature environment, the ink flow is not good, and ink is prone to be broken, resulting in poor print quality and broken lines.


3.If the printer is in a space with excessive humidity for a long time, it is prone to ink clogging. At the same time, the precision data chip and electronic components are easily corroded, which affects the service life of the printer. Therefore, the humidity in the computer room is best maintained at 35%-65%.

Fedar Textile Printer Machine

In the summer that is suitable for air-conditioned wifi watermelon, learn the knowledge of summer operation of the Fedar textile printer machine, and create a cool working environment for your Fedar textile printer machine. The environment is comfortable, and the Fedar textile printer machine can operate more efficiently and quickly.


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Fedar Textile Printer Machine