Storage and use of materials of Fedar sublimation printer

October 21, 2020

As a commonly used printing machine,Fedar sublimation printer is not only simple to operate, but also has high printing accuracy.Let Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer share storage and use requirements of printing materials.

Storage Material Fedar sublimation printer

1. Whether it is Fedar sublimation printer or printing materials, there are certain requirements for use environment.

Generally,indoor working environment temperature of Fedar sublimation printer should be controlled at about 18-30°C, and relative humidity is in the range of 30-75%. Otherwise, static electricity is easily generated, which will affect paper feeding accuracy or printing accuracy of Fedar sublimation printer. In severe cases, it may be damage other accessories.


2. Storage and transportation requirements of printing materials of Fedar sublimation printer.

Printing material of Fedar sublimation printer should be stored in a relatively stable environment, high temperature should be avoided, and ground and air should be kept dry to prevent material from being damp. In addition, when material is not used, it is recommended that you place it horizontally, and number of layers should not exceed 8 layers, and no heavy objects should be placed on it. After material is unrolled, both ends of material should be protected to avoid damage caused by extrusion and deformation as much as possible. Unused materials can be reinstalled in moisture-proof bag.

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