Some suggestions on preventing the print paper rubbing failure

July 31, 2020

In order to prevent the paper rubbing failure when using the digital printing dress machine, most of the fedar digital printing dress machine have the function of preventing paper rubbing. In addition, what else can we do to avoid this situation?


1.When using the fedar digital printing dress machine, pay attention to adjusting the nozzle spacing and the distance between the nozzle and the platform. Because the thickness and material of different printing media are not the same, so the digital printing dress machine may release rubbing paper failure when printing different materials. Adjusting the spacing of the nozzles can prevent problems such as scratching between the nozzle and paper and ink flying during printing.


2.Ensure that the digital printing dress machine feeds the paper smoothly.
①Ensure that the printing platform is stable and clean.
②Printing machine should be equipped with a well-coordinated paper collecting and unloading system, so that it can maintain a stable pulling force for the paper receiving and unwinding, so that the paper is more smooth and stable without wrinkles.
③Turn on the suction device of the printing platform to prevent the printing media from wrinkling.
④Adjust the press roller of the digital printing dress machine to make the paper feed more smoothly.


By paying attention to the above points, the digital printing dress machine can avoid rubbing paper faults to a large extent! Let your digital printing dress machine print smoothly without jams, and improve work efficiency.

Suggestions on Preventing Print Paper Rubbing Failure