Some categories of digital printing

March 14, 2020

1.Disperse digital printing:
Used for printing polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics; Disperse dyes are a kind of non-ionic dyes with low water solubility, which exist mainly in highly dispersed state in the water with the action of dispersing agent
2.Active digital printing:
Reactive dye inks account for about 29%, mainly used for printing silk and cotton fabrics; Reactive dyes, also known as reactive dyes. A type of dye that reacts with fibers during dyeing. This kind of dye separations contain the gene that can produce chemical reaction with fiber, when dyeing, dye and fiber react, form covalent bond between them, become whole, make wash fastness and rub fastness increase. The active fuel molecule includes two main components, the parent dye and the active group, and the group that can react with the fiber is called the active group. At present, it is mainly used in woven and knitted fabrics such as cotton, general linen, silk, etc.
3.Acid digital printing:
Acid dye ink proportion is small, about 7%, used for wool, nylon and other fabrics printing. Acid dyes are a kind of water-soluble dyes with acid groups in their structure, which are dyed in acid media. Most acid dyes contain sulfonate sodium salt, soluble in water, bright color, complete chromatography. Mainly used for dyeing wool, silk and nylon, but also for leather, paper, ink, etc. There is generally no tinting force on cellulose fibers

Active digital printing