Solution to the problem of misalignment during printing

February 26, 2020

Regardless of the printing machine of any brand, there will be some problems. If we encounter a misalignment when printing, how should we solve it?

1.If the dislocation ratio is about 0.5 cm or larger, it is usually caused by the resistance of the electrode. First check the belt, or grating. If the problem cannot be solved, you need to replace the battery.
2.If it is accumulated into a parallelogram ramp, in the actual processing process, after processing with the raster decoder, the problem cannot be solved, it is best to replace the raster.
3. If the displacement is greater than 0.5 cm, or there is less dislocation, first clean the large copper sleeves. After the cleaning is completed, if the misalignment cannot be resolved, you need to replace the copper sleeves with new ones.

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