Solution for ink leakage of digital printing machine

May 08, 2020

In general digital printing machine, it is inseparable from the accessory of ink cartridge. The ink cartridge is used to store printing ink.The quality of it plays an indispensable role in the printing of digital printer. Generally, the ink cartridges of digital printing machines usually have some minor problems after long-term use,for example, ink leakage occurs.


To solve this problem, we must know the cause of ink leakage. As long as you understand the working principle of the ink cartridge, you will understand the reason for it. There are generally the following situations:


When the ink cartridge of the digital printing machine is used to a certain extent for a long time, air will enter the ink cartridge through the pores,and thus there will be a certain pressure value. And once the balance of this pressure value is broken, it is easy to cause the ink cartridge to leak ink.


Generally speaking, the indoor temperature is too high, which is the most common cause of the excessive pressure value in the ink cartridge of the printing machine. If the problem of ink leakage cannot be solved immediately, the impact on the digital printing machine will be great. The most common effect is on the ink tube. If the nozzle is clogged and the ink cartridge leaks more seriously, it will also cause a short circuit in the digital printing machine's circuit.


Here is the solution:use paper or a dry cloth to wipe off any ink leaking from the ink cartridge. In the printing process, pay attention to controlling the appropriate temperature range, so that the ink leakage can be avoided.

Solution for Printer Ink Leakage