Several important factors that affect the inkjet printing quality

July 13, 2020

Although the output effect of the inkjet printing machine is determined by its performance parameters, under the same conditions, the printed image quality is also different. Today, we will detail eight factors that seriously affect print quality. Only by controlling these factors can we obtain the best print quality.

1. Use high-quality image types as much as possible;   

2. Use a good scanner to scan as much as possible;

3. The resolution used in scanning should be appropriate;

4. Color check and sharpen the image with software;

5.Make sure that the color profile accurately reflects the ink and print carrier used;

6. Use the best softened image available with RIP;

7. Use the best ink and print media combination;

8. Make sure the nozzles are aligned and the inkjet function is normal.

The above are the factors that affect the inkjet print quality. In addition, everyone should pay attention to inkjet printer maintenance and maintenance.

Factors Affect the Inkjet Printing Quality