Several aspects to pay attention to in daily maintenance of printing machine

January 15, 2020

Eco-solvent printer machine is a kind of large-scale output device that is expensive and has risen in the advertising industry in the past two years. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the use and maintenance methods. The following provides you with some basic maintenance methods of fedar eco-solvent printer machine:


1.Regarding the selection of ink.It is best to use the new fedar original ink when using the fedar eco-solvent printer machine. Since each printer machine is from tested to the customer,the original ink is used during the inspection.Therefore, only by using original ink can the advantage of the printing machine be maximized.

2.There is a precise printhead in the internal structure of fedar eco-solvent printer machine,so it is necessary to avoid mechanical collision and vibration during placement and daily use.

3.The selection of ink damper should also be paid attention to. Generally,must select the original damper. The damper need to filter out impurities in the ink, thereby improving the service life of the printhead and improving the ink compatibility.

4.Since the size of the nozzle of fedar eco-solvent printer machine is equivalent to the size of the dust floating in the air, it is easy to be blocked by the dust. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the environment clean and avoid the dust in the air from blocking the nozzle.

5.For the problem of garbled printing, consider whether the encoder strip is dirty or the sensor port on the encoder strip is splashed with ink. If so, wipe it with a cotton swab and alcohol.

6.If the machine frequently pumps ink or cleans the nozzle during printing, but the printing effect is still poor or the printhead is severely blocked, the eco-solvent printer machine refuses to work, please ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it, do not disassemble the printhead at will, so as not to damage the precision parts.

Printing Machine Daily Maintenance