Role of suction system in Fedar sublimation textile printer

April 06, 2021

There are many small holes regularly distributed on printing platform of Fedar sublimation textile printer. These small holes are called suction platform of Fedar sublimation textile printer. At same time, fan under platform forms suction system of Fedar sublimation textile printer. So what does it do?
Sublimation Textile Printer
In printing and output work of Fedar sublimation textile printer, paper suction fan blows forward and supplements air behind. In this way, a strong air flow is formed behind fan, which generates a small suction force through small holes on platform to suck printing media of sublimation textile printer. High-speed operation of fan will produce a pressure difference between upper and lower sides, making printing media close to printing platform, ensuring that printing media is smoother during entire printing process. This is complete process of suction system when working in Fedar sublimation textile printer.


To put it simply, function of suction system is to ensure that printing media and printing platform of sublimation textile printer can be closely attached to ensure that printing can not be arched, so that Fedar sublimation printer can print more smoothly, and output effect is better.

In design of suction platform, Fedar sublimation textile printer is designed with function of sucking paper and heating in one. While printing output, it can also increase drying speed of ink moderately, making Fedar sublimation textile printer final printing. picture quality effect is more gorgeous and lifelike, which is widely loved by customers.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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