Role of ink chain of Fedar sublimation printer

November 06, 2020

In Fedar sublimation printer,ink chain is used because it looks like a tank track and is also called a tank chain.
Fedar Sublimation Printer
Ink chain of Fedar sublimation printer is a plastic link type chain. It is used in Fedar sublimation printer to protect ink tube and cable connecting print head, because print head needs to run back and forth quickly during printing process, but print head is installed on trolley frame. Fedar sublimation printer head is connected to ink supply tube and related data cable. When Fedar sublimation printer is working,trolley frame moves quickly back and forth on printing platform.Ink tube and cable also need to move back and forth. If ink chain is not protected, it is easy to cause ink tube falls off,cable is broken, etc., which causes printing failure of Fedar sublimation printer. Therefore,,ink chain can better protect ink tube and the data cable.


Ink chain is shaped like a protective shell. When frame of Fedar sublimation printer moves back and forth, it will move in a chain like a crawler. It can be retracted freely to protect ink supply tube and the data cable to prevent the back and forth movement from breaking data cable and squeeze ink supply tube, affect fluency of ink supply and control data transmission between main board and Fedar sublimation printer head.


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