Role of fedar sublimation printer suction fan platform

October 20, 2020

Role of each accessory of fedar sublimation printer cannot be ignored. Today we mainly understand role of suction fan platform of fedar sublimation printer. Regardless of this small suction fan platform,role it brings to fedar sublimation printer is very important.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Suction Fan Platform

On printing output platform of fedar sublimation printer, you will find that there are many small holes distributed on it, and during printing process of fedar sublimation printer, paper suction fan on the platform will start to work, forming an air flow during rotation of fan. Therefore,paper is sucked flat through small holes on platform, so that fedar sublimation printer will not be arched when printing, and fedar sublimation printer can work more efficiently.


In fact,principle of paper suction fan platform of fedar sublimation printer is very simple. It mainly uses upper and lower pressure difference generated by high-speed operation of fan to realize paper tightly sticking to panel.


In addition, in process of printing and output of fedar sublimation printer, in addition to application of suction fan platform, there is also paper pressing plate on platform. Its function cannot be ignored. When two are perfectly combined, paper advances and retreats more smoothly,more flat without arching.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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