Replacement method of common parts of printer

June 03, 2020

Cleaning capping station: There will be a lot of ink in the capping station after long-term use. At this time, you need to take out the capping station and wash it with clear water. Then you can put it back after gently shaking the water and wiping the surface. Remember to put it flat.When taking out the capping station, the wrench on the inner side of the capping station(i.e. the right side of the capping station) should be slightly pulled outward and then lifted upward to take out.

Paper feeding: When we feed the paper, no matter from the front or from the back, as long as we stick to the white line on the right side of the paper, the two sides of the paper are flat and cannot be pushed upward, then the printer will automatically feed the paper.


Copper sleeve (wearable parts): When removing the copper sleeve, first lift the black clip a little, and then take out the copper sleeve. Remember to install the copper sleeve not to reverse the direction. The protruding points of the copper sleeve must be facing inward and upward. It is usually wiped once every two to three days.   


Replace the printhead (wearable parts): the inside of the new printhead is generally empty, and 17 ml of ink needs to be injected with a needle tube. when the needle and needle tube is removed, the ink does not need to be directly inserted into the printhead. At this time, the printhead is upward (i.e. the nozzle is upward), so that the ink will not flow out of the nozzle.


Wipe the contact: There is a small yellow metal piece on the back of the printhead, which corresponds to the metal dot on the white flat cable on the ink carriage. Sometimes the ink will be on the contact, and pure water can be used after power off or wipe the contacts with medical alcohol.

Replacement of Printer Parts