Reasons why piezoelectric printer nozzle is not guaranteed

June 04, 2020

Many friends who have just entered the inkjet industry will have questions: why are piezoelectric printer nozzles so expensive and prone to problems, and why are manufacturers not under warranty? The following is a explanation for why the manufacturer does not guarantee the nozzle.


First of all, digital inkjet printing machine are very precise mechanical and electronic equipment, especially the production process of the nozzle is very fine. Take the popular Epson DX5 nozzle on the market as an example. The diameter of the nozzle is only about 0.03mm. The eyes of ordinary people can't see clearly. You need to take a 10x magnifying glass to see it. This results in very fine dust that may clog the nozzle, and fingernails can often easily damage the surface. Due to the current technical limitations, the surface of the print head is exposed, so improper human operation can easily cause damage to the print head, and many manual operation manufacturers cannot distinguish it during the printing production process.


Secondly, many people buy printer without using the ink provided by the manufacturer. Ink is also the main reason for the nozzle clogging. There are some cheap inks on the market, and these inks are not friendly to the nozzle, which may greatly reduce the service life. Therefore,manufacturers generally do not provide warranty for the nozzle.


Finally, the service life of the nozzle of each printer is related to the total inkjet volume. If there are more printing times for a long time, the service life is also shorter. At present, the printer has no function to count the number of inkjets of the nozzle, so the manufacturer can only tell what is the average service life of nozzles. Therefore, as long as you have the correct knowledge of the use and maintenance of the printer nozzle and perform reasonable maintenance measures, an excellent printer nozzle can also be used for several years.

Reasons why piezoelectric printer nozzle is not guaranteed