Reasons for slow printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer

November 26, 2020

After using Fedar sublimation printer for a period of time, printing speed slows down. What is the reason? Fedar sublimation printer technician reminds that there are many reasons for slow printing speed of tFedar sublimation printer. In addition to performance of printer, There are many other factors, let's take a look at them together.

Sublimation Printer Speed Low

1. First, check whether memory of computer connected to Fedar sublimation printer is occupied. If it is occupied, it will slow down printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer. Therefore, you need to clean up unnecessary files frequently and don't let them occupy computer's memory.


2.There are many printing modes of Fedar sublimation printer, such as 4pass, 6pass, 8pass, etc. Printing speed of different printing modes is different. You should choose printing mode that suits you. The larger the number of passes, the slower the speed.


3. Check your computer system to see if version is too low, too low will affect printing speed.


4. Abnormal operation of trolley motor will also affect printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer.


5. Check settings of Fedar sublimation printer to see if the print driver is selected correctly.


6.Check parameters of board and whether moving value has been changed.

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