Reasons and solutions for piezoelectric printer always burns the main board

May 15, 2020

We all know that if the piezoelectric printer is not properly maintained, there will be a series of situations. Today, I'd like to introduce the reason why piezoelectric printer always burns the main board and the solutions. In fact, there are several reasons why the piezoelectric printer burns the main board. The main reasons are:

1.The circuit cable connected to the printhead is not connected properly, which causes the main board to burn out.

2.The voltage is too high, the stable voltage is not maintained at 220 , resulting the main board to burn out.

3.The piezoelectric printer cannot adjust the voltage, causing the machine to short-circuit and burn the main board.

4.The electrolyte in the machine cannot decompose some inferior ink, resulting in burnout of the printhead and main board


What is the best solution to prevent the photo machine from burning the main board?

1.When the photo machine is used, a stable voltage should be maintained.
2.Choosing the better ink
1.The acidity and alkalinity of the piezoelectric printer ink, for example, some metal parts of the printer will be corroded when they come into contact with the ink. The neutral acidity and alkalinity of piezoelectric printer ink will recommend.
2.When choosing ink, we should observe the fluidity of the ink, buy some trial ink and put it in the air. We can identify its fluidity by observing whether it has serious particle problems for one month.
3.The surface tension of the ink is also a factor. The better the fluidity of the ink, the smaller the tension of the ink and the finer the printed lines.
4. We should also pay attention to the preservation of ink. We must strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity. The indoor temperature shall not be lower than 18℃, and the indoor humidity shall be controlled after the temperature increases for southern users. If the humidity is too high, the picture will not dry easily and the material will be affected with damp easily, which will affect the printing effect and the post-processing of the picture.

Reasons and Solutions for Printer Burns The Main board