Reason for slow drying of Fedar sublimation printer

November 16, 2020

After using Fedar sublimation printer, many users called to ask what happened to slow dry print of Fedar sublimation printer. Now technical department of Fedar sublimation printer will analyze reason of slow dry print for you.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Drying Slow

Common reasons for slow drying are as follows.


1. Ink is emulsified due to large water on picture of Fedar sublimation printer.


2. Temperature in workshop is low, and relative humidity is higher than 75%. Solution: In order to prevent slow-drying phenomenon of Fedar sublimation printer,height of stacked printed matter should be reduced, and paper pile should be loosened.Semi-finished product can be ventilated to allow air to penetrate into stacked paper and shorten time for its oxidation and conjunctivation;


3. There are too many auxiliary materials such as ink blending oil and debonding agent in ink of sublimation printer.


In order to print better and dry faster, Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer recommends using original ink.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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