Problems that should be paid attention to after restarting the printer after being idle for a long time

March 27, 2020

In fact, Fedar sportswear printer, like other electronic products, should not be left unused for too long. This will easily cause problems with many internal components, especially printheads and inks. So, how to restart the idle Fedar sportswear printer? What security problems do I need to be aware of when restarting an idle sportswear printer?
Safety problems for restarting the printer:
1. Check whether the appearance of the printer is good and whether it is damaged;
2. Check the intactness of the machine's power plug, data cable and other wires;
3. Check the main board, car board and other important accessories, and repair them if there is any problem;
4. Provide an independent power supply for the sportswear printer and ensure good grounding;
5. Clean up dust and debris inside the machine;
6. Turn on the power and make sure the power-on test is normal.

Restart Printer Safety Problems